Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. We’ve been there…

…or have we?  When Reg reserved our “one night stand” at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park on the coast of Oregon, we both had a pretty clear memory of our prior visit and a mental picture of where we’d be staying as we headed up the Oregon Coast.

When Reg pulled into the campground I commented that it was much more forested than I remembered.  Without another thought we checked in, quickly set up camp and headed out to explore the ‘hood.

Following a one mile trail that looped around Lake Marie, Reg marveled at our surprise discovery.  “I never would have guessed this lake was here,” he said as we watched children splashing in the swimming area.  

When the camp host told us the Lighthouse was just a short quarter mile walk from our campground, we began to have reservations about our reservation!  Perhaps we were not where we thought we were…

Slightly disoriented, we arrived at the Lighthouse and realized why everything felt so unfamiliar.  As it turns out, we’ve never been to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park before…until today that is!  A chat with a crusty old sea captain type who was selling admissions to the Lighthouse Museum cleared up our confusion, reassuring us that we weren’t completely losing our minds.  It seems our memories (and where we thought we had a reservation) are from (we think) Heceta Head Lighthouse, just north of here…where there is no lake and the campsites are not quite so forested!

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12 thoughts on “Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. We’ve been there…

  1. Jeannie Harsha

    Funny! Let us know if you get to Heceta Head and everything is cleared up (memory-wise)🤓
    Sounds like a good find, anyway!


  2. ken gudger

    Deb and I visited this place in May of this year. A very well informed volunteer in the Lighthouse parking lot added much to our experience. VERY nice little campground. enjoy yourselves….(as I know you always do)


    • We liked it there a lot, Ken. Fort Stevens is huge, more than 500 sites! But our site is pretty private and backs up to a jungle. Mosquitoes welcomed us, but our campfire sent them packing. Andrew comes tomorrow.


  3. Jeff Roberts

    Does this mean if you’ve see one lighthouse campground, you’ve seen them all?


  4. Kathy Chappell

    Love this story!


  5. Thanks, Kathy!


  6. Sometimes it’s hard to keep everything straight, that’s way I keep a travel journal now. 🙂


  7. How fun to see a crusty sea captain at a lighthouse. It’s helps with the lighthouse ambience. 🙂


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