The Way of St. Francis: The Way to Assisi

The Way of St. Francis led us into Assisi yesterday, our ninth day of walking. We’ve covered 109 miles and endured 37,046 feet of elevation change. While the above photo appears to show a pleasant downhill stroll, in reality our day began and ended with steep climbs. All a distant memory today as we enjoy the sites of this beautiful city.

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13 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: The Way to Assisi

  1. Jackie Bachman

    Beautiful! Does each town have a doctor? I always wondered about that but we didn’t need any medical help on our visits…

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    • My guess is that not every little village has medical help. And if they did, they would probably keep odd hours…like so many businesses in Italy do! Fortunately, we remain healthy.


  2. Kathy Chappell

    I love, love, love these quaint villages.

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  3. Ellen

    The quip about the monk sounds like a skit with Father Guido Saramucci from SNL. The area is so lush and beautiful.


  4. Malcolm & Barbara

    These pictures are just amazing. We are so enjoying following your adventure. What is the typical temperature during the day, and evening ?


    • Thanks Barbara and Malcolm. Today was overcast and cool, but previous days have been quite warm for walking. One thermometer a few days ago read 24, which (I think) is mid 70s for us Americans. Far warmer than we expected!


  5. Assisi looks beautiful, We got to Perugia and saw it in the distance a few weeks ago but unfortunately never made it. Maybe next time. Great photos.


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