South West Coast Path: The Checkered Flag is in Sight

We arrived in the touristy town of St. Ives Saturday afternoon.

As pleasant as the above scene looks, Sunday morning brought horrendously strong winds to the area, foiling the plans of any walker in his or her right mind. Our host was kind enough to keep our packs for us until we could catch the afternoon bus to Pendeen, our stop for the night.

The photos really don’t do the wind justice, but trust me, it was howling. Fortunately, St. Ives is home to the Tate, where we wandered through 10 galleries of modern art, pretending to understand what we saw.

St. Ives has a rich history as an artist colony, and in addition to London, is home to one of two Tate museums.
We discovered Geevor Tin Mine, a Cornish Mining World Heritage Site in Pendeen.

The mine closed in 1990, but a museum and underground tour (complete with hard hats), are both available to the public. We skipped past the big ticket items and wandered down to check out the ruins of the original North Levant mine.

Tomorrow we will arrive at Land’s End, our stopping point and the end of our South West Coast Path adventure. We really hope to walk the last section…rain or shine. We’ll see what the morning brings.

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15 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: The Checkered Flag is in Sight

  1. Ellen JONES

    Good luck on the last leg of your journey!

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  2. Jackie Bachman

    Be safe with that hurricane coming!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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  3. Jeff Roberts

    You didn’t mention whether you met that man with seven wives …


  4. Debbie Gudger

    Yippee! Wishing you a calm sunny day for the end of this journey!

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  5. Carolyn Shupe

    Do we have a medal for veracity? If not I will make you one. When you say you are going to do something, you do it come Hell or high water.

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  6. Ken Gudger

    We’ll be thinking about you (but then again….maybe we’ll be asleep). Oh well, good luck on your last day!

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  7. Malcolm Robertson

    I love Sue’s hair in the picture and Reg trying t stand in the wind, We were in St Ives last year. Lovely place. Tomorrow is your last walk, you say. Well you will better do it. All the best.

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  8. I love the pictures! Yes, they do show the wind. It looks pretty gnarly. Good move not to attempt walking in that . Good luck on the finish line . Bittersweet.

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