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The Way of St. Francis: Are We There Yet?


The dawn of a new day found us three days out from our last rest day in Rieti, with just three more days to walk until we reach Rome, our final destination.  Our feet are tired, our hips are sore and barking dogs are getting on our nerves.

But we’re still doing it…uphill and down, along miles of ribbon-thin trails through wet thigh-high grass, trails of sticky, gooey mud and trails so steep they must be paved to keep from washing away…and we are having the time of our lives!

But, there are still miles to go and much to see before we’ll feel lucky enough to relax and truly celebrate.


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Camino de Santiago: What’s in Your Backpack?

The daily miracle happens each morning when we fit six weeks worth of gear, clothing and toiletries into our backpacks.


Toilets are scarce along the Camino, so pilgrims go where they can. As for dogs...




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