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Maine or Bust 2022: Music City is Grand

It’s been a long and unrelentingly straight road along Interstate 40, but we’ve managed to find some scenic, out-of-the-way campgrounds to spend a couple nights as we head east.

It was time for a city break and Nashville, Tennessee allowed us to explore the culture of Music City and enjoy a quick visit with family.

Our first stop was the Grand Ole Opry.

Reg reserved space for a backstage tour where we walked in the footsteps of many (most) of country music’s greats. The tour ended with a chance for us to stand in the Circle of Wood, the Grand Ole Opry’s iconic center stage spot. The 6-foot circle of wood bears the scuffs and scratches of all the boots and heels that have honored the venue.

Next was downtown Nashville. We weren’t really expecting such crazy crowds and party atmosphere. It was hard to know where to look first as we cruised the several blocks of restaurants, bars and tourist shops…and an incredible array of neon signs.

Live music blasted from open doors and windows of every bar and restaurant. A lunch spot that provided music, but didn’t require earplugs, was our goal. Reg and I don’t know much about country music, but we are semi-committed to watching American Idol. The neon sign down the street caught my eye. Luke Bryan was a name we recognized. We sat upstairs at Luke’s 32 Bridge restaurant while the Beasley Brothers strummed acoustic guitars in the bar below. Lunch was served on small metal roasting pans, a nice down-home touch. Linen napkins added the perfect amount of class.

Normally, that would be a full day for us, but the evening found us out to dinner with Reg’s brother Bob and his wife Gloria. Catching up with family is always time well spent.

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