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Who is Kelvin?

We thought we would take a train from Glasgow to Milngavie (pronounced Mullguy…Scottish pronunciations are tricky!) but our guide book stated that it was a flat and easy ten-mile walk along the Kelvin Walkway. We couldn't check into our Bed and Breakfast until 4:00 pm and we had all day…so we thought, “Why not?”

Fortunately we escaped the predicted rain showers and enjoyed our stroll through the park.

It turned out to be a beautiful walk (only one short rain shower) through Kelvingrove Park along the River Kelvin. The pathway was paved and the scenery was beautiful. As we left the park, our trail became a little less groomed…unpaved, mucky and trampled by the hooves of many horses from the nearby riding school. It was slow going for awhile, however our trusty trekking poles prevented any messy mishaps!

Strolling along the Kelvin Walkway was a relaxing warmup for our more strenuous days ahead. Reg snapped a shot of some beautiful and somewhat disturbing graffiti along the path.

After a bit of research, I discovered that Lord Kelvin (born William Thomas in 1824) grew up in Glasgow and was a mathematician and physicist who created the first physics laboratory in Britain. His goal was the practical utilization of science and his contributions were numerous.

What we now know as Kelvingrove Park was established back in 1852 and today remains a beautiful place for rest, relaxation and the occasional trekker.


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