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Portland…after the storm

Portland got dumped on Tuesday and Wednesday. The expected 3-4 inches of snow piled up into a good foot of the white stuff, sending the city to a screeching halt for the rest of the week.
We stubbornly refused to postpone our scheduled trip, and arrived yesterday (Friday) to icy roads and slippery sidewalks…but beautiful blue skies Saturday morning. Cold, but otherwise perfect weather for a little urban hiking.

A beautiful, but cold day along the Portland waterfront.

I spot the telltale signs of past benchwarmers.

This woman has the right idea!

Enjoying the brilliant sunshine on a cold winter day.


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Portland offers big city appeal

Excited to start our weekend escape, we packed up the car bright and early Friday morning. With our “to go” coffee safely stashed by our side we headed north, eager to see what adventures awaited us in the big city.

Our son Andrew and his wife Leah moved to Portland in 2010, eventually settling in the Pearl District. Once home to warehouses and light industry, the Pearl has transitioned into a lively mixed use neighborhood within easy walking distance to all downtown has to offer.

And walk we did! Taking advantage of dry skies Saturday morning we wandered along the waterfront, strolled back into town where the Farmers Market was in full swing and concluded our morning with a visit to the Oregon Historical Society Museum.

A casual lunch, a late afternoon latte, dinner at a tiny little Italian restaurant and it was time to call it a day. Sunday we'll say goodbye to Andrew, Leah and the exciting city of Portland. We'll make the drive home, unpack and anxiously anticipate our next exciting getaway.

Originally a sign for White Stag sportswear, this iconic landmark has been a staple of the Portland skyline since the 1940s.

Dry weather brought both vendors and customers to the year-round Farmers Market.


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