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Friendships weather the years and miles

Carole and Beaton brought a cake showing our trekking route.





We have had a most enjoyable week in Scotland after our walk, mainly because of the great times visiting with friends we made while living here in 1997-98.

We have enjoyed many laughs, trips down memory lane and tasty meals in our times together. The Scottish weather, as it always does, treated us to a variety of experiences as we have sometimes literally soaked up what the country offers.

To our home-away-from-home and to our friends here: We will return!







Wendy, Trish, Colina and John joined us for a meal in our wee cottage.


Malcolm and Barbara took our family for our first walk in Scotland in 1997. We braved the rain for another trek through St. Andrews, this time in less favorable weather.



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St. Andrews’ best kept secret

Who wouldn't want to claim that they've played golf in St. Andrews, the birthplace of the game? Not us! We discovered the Himalayas course back in 1997/98 when we lived here. It was great family fun and still is the best deal around for just £2.00/person (or about $3.40). We grabbed our good friend Trish and set off for an afternoon of friendly competition.

Unlike any “miniature” golf course I've seen, it offers 18 holes of fun, frustration and good memories; much like any golf game, I guess. Positioned alongside the famous Old Course, the Himalayas course is a challenging layout of humps, bumps and dips where skill helps but luck can play a larger part. It also offers the chance (for those of us not yet qualified for the real thing) to be photographed playing golf with the famous clubhouse in the background.

Trish and I were astounded when Reg started out with a hole-in-one. Trish helps me celebrate my hole-in-two of which I was very proud! We pose for a quick photo before heading to the clubhouse for a well deserved cup of coffee.



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