The Italian Lesson

Although there is graffiti everywhere, we feel safe in our comfy apartment.

One thing Reg and I have learned, in our somewhat limited international travels, is to always remember to pack our sense of humor. After failed attempts to learn some key Italian phrases, we were pleased to learn that the property manager of our rental apartment in Rome spoke English quite well. After a short tour and explanation of the two massive door keys (which look like something out of a fairy tale), we expressed our thanks and waved goodbye from the street.

Eager to settle in, we climbed the stairs to our fourth floor apartment. I inserted the key into the lock and spun it to the left as we had been instructed to do. Meeting with resistance, I continued to turn it both left and right, with Reg shouting encouragement over my shoulder. Suddenly, we heard an angry voice from behind the door. “How did that woman get into our apartment?” I wondered, followed immediately by the realization that I had miscalculated and we were standing on the third floor; one floor below our apartment door! As the door flew open, we were greeted by a string of unpleasant sounding Italian, surely not listed in our phrase book!


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9 thoughts on “The Italian Lesson

  1. T B

    Absolute numpties the pair of you. Will Italy survive I ask you Dear oh dearEnjoytrish

    Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 08:13:16 +0000 To:


    • Numpties, eh!? Well, I am afraid it applies. We are capable of acting like numpties no matter where we are, Trish. Italy will survive us, with many laughs at our expense. After all, Scotland survived a year of us!


  2. Robert

    What-samatter-foryou !?!!?! ha ha ! that was funny!.. I bet there were some choice hand gestures too!..My cousin and his wife have some good stories from their trip to Italy back in spring..Some helpful tips on renting a car.


  3. Malcolm & Barbara.

    We have been to Verona once. My hat blew off at the top of the coliseum


  4. Bonnie Little

    Got a good chuckle over this! Your blog is such fun to read!



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