Modern-Day Romeos

A change in weather brought us a second day of rain; a good excuse to sleep in, then casually explore the nooks and crannies of our Verona neighborhood. We ducked into the courtyard at Casa di Giulietta to take a peek at Juliet's balcony, expecting to snap a quick photo and escape the Saturday crowd. What we found were padlocks… everywhere! Locks of every size and color were hanging from anything and everything!

Thanks to our friend Cynthia, we now understand the significance (see her comment regarding prior post “Who Holds The Key To This Roman Mystery?”). For 5 Euro (in the gift shop) a modern-day Romeo can purchase a lock, key and pen. He can then write a message of love, secure the lock and give his Juliet the key, thus assuring she holds the key to his heart! The romance of Italy…

Oh, I almost forgot, here's a photo of Juliet's balcony…



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4 thoughts on “Modern-Day Romeos

  1. Carolyn

    That’s why I like Italians–they are so romantic. I think your blog is sensational. Thanks for including me in your travels.


  2. enjoy your late meal.. How romantic


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