A Question for Art Lovers


What iconic work of art is housed in this nondescript building? Along with many others, we waited about an hour to get inside, and it was worth every second.

We left the first room, turned the corner, and there it was! Seventeen feet tall, placed beneath a huge glass dome.

Hint: We were in Florence.

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6 thoughts on “A Question for Art Lovers

  1. Carolyn

    It must have been David.


  2. David under glass? Sacrilege! He wasn’t when we last saw him!


    • The glass is part of the huge dome, part of the building…it is far overhead and he is not enclosed by it…sorry about not being clear.


  3. The line was about that long when we were there but we went in without much wait as we had a Florence Card.


    • Thank you for the tip about the Florence card…for other blog readers: the Florence card gets you into Florence museums without a wait or reservation. It costs 50 euro, but may be the way to go if you plan to visit lots of museums and use public transport (included, website says) within a 72-hour time limit.


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