At Home In Tuscany

We're pleased our little diesel Alpha Romeo gets 50+ MPG...since petrol is costing nearly $9.00 per gallon.


The car rental seemed like a splurge but as true Californians, we love our cars and have sometimes missed the freedom of having a personal set of wheels. Tuscany has been the perfect place to hone our Italian driving skills…and given the semi-remote location of our apartment, we justified it as a necessity.

This terrace would be perfect for a BBQ!




The quiet, almost rural atmosphere of San Baronto is a change from the excitement of Rome and Verona. Summers must find this place hopping, but November is definitely off season. We had hopes of enjoying our view from the terrace with a glass of local Chianti, but Mother Nature has had different plans. Evenings have been a bit chilly. No worries…we are still in Italy!

Our view comes into focus as the morning sun rises.

Four doors from the bedroom open onto the terrace.




Dining at home has been a nice change from 2 weeks of restaurant fare. The grocery store is a quick trip down the hill and has everything we need for simple meals of insulate mista (mixed salad), pasta and of course the wine…



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4 thoughts on “At Home In Tuscany

  1. Carolyn

    Have you considered a Reality Show? Perhaps in the future????? You have the talent to make it a success or maybe I should say the humor to make it a hit. I can be your audience.


    • We love the audience we have, but if some producer wants to send us around the world and write about our mishaps, we would be game! Thanks, Carolyn.


  2. Bonnie Little

    What a beautiful view! Reg looks like he was made for that sporty car!


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