Possibly, Our Favorite Meal!

Not as flashy as the places that circle the piazzas, this restaurant was everything we hoped for!








We could have passed by without a second glance, but we were hungry and this “Mom and Pop” restaurant in Florence felt like a slice of old Italy.

He may have been the busiest of all the staff, but this pizza chef was most welcoming!







We took a chance and grabbed a couple stools at the counter, in front of the pizza oven. While the pizza chef calmly rolled out pizza after pizza, orders were shouted (in Italian) from the front counter.

Not a fancy meal, but boy did it taste delicious!









Amid the chaos, we enjoyed one of the best meals of our trip!



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2 thoughts on “Possibly, Our Favorite Meal!

  1. Carolyn

    My heart and tummy long for Italy. Is there still “no tipping”?


    • I know what you mean, Carolyn, Italy is a magical place! From our observations, many people here do not tip at restaurants like people in the U.S., not 15-20 percent for sure. We have seen many leave no tip, as guidebooks discuss. We have left tips when the service was very good. Today, after a wonderful lunch served at the counter by the pizza chef, we tipped two euro and he was most appreciative.


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