Castle in the Sky: Camino de Santiago


We had no idea that our hostel would provide such a good view of Castillo de San Esteban.


We got an early start this morning, setting out under a clear blue sky. We'd walked about a mile, passing through the small village of Villatuerta. As we headed out of town, we stopped to admire the view…which seemed to go on forever. We commented on the amazing white cliffs visible in the distance.

The Camino led us forward and upward, skirting around those cliffs and eventually exposing what looked like a distant volcano, topped with a large rock outcropping. We forged ahead, secure in the belief that it was one mountain we wouldn't have to climb!

Little did we know that our destination would lead us halfway up that mountain! That rock outcropping was actually the ruins of an old castle which now stands guard over the town of Villamayor de Monjardin. We quickly checked into the first hostel we saw, eager to remove our hiking shoes and chat with our fellow Pilgrims!


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2 thoughts on “Castle in the Sky: Camino de Santiago

  1. Jamey Myers

    Amazing! Thinking of you !


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