Blistering pace slows on Camino de Santiago


We will resume the Camino from Leon on Sunday morning.

Soccer goals are abundant in Spain, but basketball hoops are common, even in backyards.

Sue's blisters call out for healing time, so today we are pausing in Carrion de Los Condos, a medieval village just east of Leon, after a visit to a doctor. We will take a bus to Leon Saturday, then we will begin to tackle the remaining 197 miles on Sunday.

Nagging injuries have hit most Camino trekkers we know and they do not spare the young. Blisters and knee injuries are the most common. We know several who have visited one of the many medical centers along the Camino.


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5 thoughts on “Blistering pace slows on Camino de Santiago

  1. Rest is also part of the journey- if that is what your bodies need, then rest is on the agenda next. Just enjoy that as well!


  2. I heard that the best remedy for a blister is to air it out in the sun – all day if you have to. I leave in a few short weeks to start my camino and I’m planning on enjoying the rest days as much as the walk days 🙂


  3. Jamey

    You have come so far! The support along the Camino seems evident with medical centers….and advice fom those who have walked before, or alongside, you. And a good, traditional pedicure will keep those toenails happy! XOXO


    • Hi Jamey…I’m thinking that the pedicures did me in. We, on the Camino, have learned to love each and every foot callus! Ah well, nothing that a bit of gauze and tape can’t help.


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