Up, up and up goes Camino de Santiago

I made instant Starbucks coffee for the three of us in our freezing Castrillo albergue before we headed out at 7 a.m. Wednesday, top photo. Our 13-mile walk to Foncebadon was marked by a pause for coffee at a Brazilian cowboy outpost.

We climbed about 1,700 feet and are near 5,000 feet tonight in a village that has an alpine feel. It snowed here last night, but it melted today. I was exhausted by the time we reached the top and collapsed in a chair while Sue went inside to check out the albergue. She came back a bit later with news she had scored a private room, with heat! Later, we reunited with a young Irishman we had not seen in two weeks.

Thursday, we head for the highest point on the Camino and a stop at a very special pilgrim monument. We have brought along remembrances from home for our contribution.

Only 147 miles to Santiago!


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4 thoughts on “Up, up and up goes Camino de Santiago

  1. I remember that cowboy bar. Was closed when I passed by, too early to open I think! You’re doing great, keep it up.


  2. Collette LaRocque

    Reg and Sue,

    Can you tell us more about the monument and the remembrances that you brought? I’m trying to remember if this monument was in the movie “The Way”.

    You both are doing great! I’m so impressed! Collette


    • Hi Collette, the monument was in the movie, but I don’t remember it being a huge focus. I think traditionally it was a place for pilgrims to “leave their burdens” but over the years the concept has expanded to fit individual desires.
      I was actually a little disappointed to see others climbing and taking pictures of what others had left. One guy came coasting down the hill and rode his bike straight to the top, dumping it there. I was expecting a more solemn spot. Must be crazy on the summer! Sue


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