Warm Sun Returns: Camino de Santiago

We reached a milestone today. Cruz de Ferro, a monument that sits 4,934 feet above sea level, has become a symbol for the Pilgrim way of St. James. A place to pause and reflect, many Pilgrims carry small stone to leave on the pile as a personal token of their individual journey.

We each added our stones and continued along the trail, passing this funky little snack bar in the middle of nowhere.

The taxi signs are becoming more common along the way. Perhaps tired Pilgrims are looking for a break.

Blue skies greeted us this morning as we headed back down into spring weather.


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9 thoughts on “Warm Sun Returns: Camino de Santiago

  1. I’m thrilled for the two of you. This is truly a life changing adventure you’re having. Glad you’re back in the sunshine, and hopefully all the blisters are behind you.


    • Hi Pat,
      Great to hear from you. This continues to be an amazing journey. Sun should follow us for at least the next few days. The feet are dog-tired each night, but they continue to walk!


  2. In Molenaseca tonight? What a beautiful place!


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  4. Jamey

    Bask in the sun! A belated birthday wish to you, Reg!! What a grand gift you are giving each other- this seems to truly be the trip of a lifetime! Thank you for sharing your journey with such wonderful photos and descriptions. Loving your story!


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