What Are These? Camino de Santiago

It's been several days since we noticed these strange little buildings begin to dot the landscape. Some were quite old and rundown, while others appeared to be a newly remodeled backyard feature.

Having way too much morbid imagination, I thought perhaps they were some sort of family crypt. A little research taught me just how wrong I was.

Can you guess what these are?

These small structures are as individual as a fingerprint, and no home seems to be without one.


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10 thoughts on “What Are These? Camino de Santiago

  1. Cynthia

    Latrines for pilgrims? storage sheds for pilgrims?


    • If only they were latrines for Pilgrims! I’ve yet to see a public restroom on the Camino. Storage for Pilgrims??? No…keep guessing!


  2. Carole

    …family shrine, log store, bus stop??? How many guesses are we allowed?


    • Carole, you get as many guesses as it takes…however I think Jamey wins with one of her guesses…read thru the comments for more info!


  3. Oh a quiz! … How wonderfull … What a great idea (but then Reg is an old pedagogue)! … No spoilers from me though.

    ps. We are counting the (final) days together with you


  4. Jamey

    Smoke house? Drying shed? Sue and Reg, now you’ve added an interactive game to your blog! I’m hooked on your posts!


    • Jamey, you win! The Horreos, found in the Galicia region, is a place to store grain. We were told that they are used it dry corn.


  5. Pinay Flying High

    A well inside? :p


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