I left my shoes in Santiago

I left my well-worn hiking shoes in Santiago.

In medieval times, Camino de Santiago pilgrims burned their clothing at a cross outside the cathedral. They bought new clothes at the nearby marketplace, signaling a new beginning.

I dumped my Merrells in a trash bin.

There was part of me that wanted to keep them, but I realized I was already taking enough back to California.

Camino friendships, amazing scenery, the Spanish people and so much more will be with me forever.

I walked nearly a million steps in my trekking shoes.

But the things I brought home are immeasurable.




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13 thoughts on “I left my shoes in Santiago

  1. Nancy Hardwick

    I wonder, does someone pull those out and use them or do they really go to the trash? Glad you are home and glad the trip was such a success! enjoy the summer in Mariposa now! Nancy Hardwick


    • Good question…the shoes were not in the bin when we returned from breakfast.
      Many thanks for the good wishes…see you soon!


  2. Dennis Baker

    Welcome home!!! You two are both quite inspirational!! Thanks for including us in your travels!! We’re both very glad that you’re back in the neighborhood!! We missed you!! Carolyn and Dennis


  3. Malcolm & Barbara.

    That reminds me of a song, — something about a heart in San Francisco !! Well that is in
    California. Anyway, in maintaining the musical theme if , “These shoes were made for
    walking”, what are you going to use on your next adventure ??? Well done.


  4. Malcolm & Barbara.

    Now that has got me thinking. How about, “Marching through the heather”, or “The long
    and winding road”, or even “The road and the miles to Dundee” ????


    • “Leaving on a jet plane” for Scotland sounds fantastic, if it were not for “Money, money, money!”


      • Malcolm & Barbara.

        Can I beat that ?? I will give up. You win. Cheers and well done again.


  5. Jeannie

    So…are you really home??? We’ve been watching for signs and we have a cold bottle of wine…just waiting for your consumption!


  6. jr

    Don’t you miss the daily walk? I have tried to walk a few miles each day. Then joined the Y for more exercise! Junior


    • Reg and I both miss the walking…and the excitement that each day brought. Maintaining our Camino fitness level will be our summer project. Best wishes to you!


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