Scotland, here we come!

California poppies decorated the Merced River valley on the drive to and from Yosemite.




It was time to dust off the backpacks and head for Yosemite National Park. We start our Scotland trek May 8, so we thought we should begin our warmups. Diligent Sue has been taking long walks around the neighborhood, so Reg huffed and puffed a bit to keep up. After a stroll around the valley, we ended the day with what we really came for: Haagan Daz ice cream bars!

The weather was perfect, just like it will be in bonnie Scotland!

It can be tough to keep your eyes on the trail in Yosemite Valley. Reg showed his talent for sitting by the trail and eating the lunch Sue had prepared.


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9 thoughts on “Scotland, here we come!

  1. Fun! Enjoy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CrazyGuyinThailand



  3. Jamey

    What visual inspiration! The photos shared from Yosemite are stunning- can’t wait to see what you send from Scotland! Have a wonderful trek-venture!


  4. Reg and Sue–I love reading about your adventures! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying your retirement!!


    • 2orangebags

      Thank you, Rebecca…we are all so fortunate to have this time and freedom!


  5. Have a wonderful time… ! May California sunshine find you where ever you may go! Safe and happy landing….


  6. 2orangebags

    Thank you Betty. I think we’re going to need some help with the sunshine!


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