One more thing…

…about yesterday. Hiking the last half of the banks of Loch Lomond was, without a doubt, the most physically exhausting thing I have done in decades! Decades! I don't think Reg made that clear enough to you all. We sat down for lunch, done in, and still had six miles to go! However, my wonderful husband upgraded our accommodations to a private room at the hostel, where I enjoyed ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Scenery like this keeps us moving forward. The challenges are well worth it!


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4 thoughts on “One more thing…


    Awesome picks Reg and Sue! I’m so jealous!! Sue, why was the last half of the banks of Loch Lomond so challenging? Was it elevation gain, too much mileage?? Reg was sweet to upgrade your room! Kudos, Reg!

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    • 2orangebags

      I think it was just me. The trail was narrow, sticky-mucky, strewn with rocks and snarled roots, constant up and down, rock “stairs” that were 15″ tall…with a backpack it was strenuous and never-ending. My thighs were so sore! Although, most others seemed to breeze through far more easily…especially those without a big pack.


  2. Malcolm @

    Just back now. Yes I remember that section at Loch Lomond, quite a challenge. Malcolm.


    • 2orangebags

      Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about the tall ships sailing!


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