A wild store chase on the Great Glen Way

This Scottish holiday maker was waiting with his wife for the Caledonian Canal lock to let them through. The lock master was on lunch break. His wife was inside, mixing gin and tonics to make the delay more palatable.


Our walking in Scotland has taken us through some quite remote areas. We have had to plan carefully to make sure we have food to fuel our weary bodies.

The Great Glen Way has had even fewer shops or eating places than the West Highland Way. It is not unusual to walk 12 miles or more without passing a commercial establishment. When we checked into our hostel Monday afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised that there was a mini store behind the counter. We bought a can of soup and some biscuits to compliment the sandwiches we had brought for dinner. Plus some Wheatabix and milk for breakfast.

Now, let's see, we will need lunch Tuesday. Ah, we were told several times, there is a store just a mile up the trail.

“Where is the store?”

“Near the water park.”

So, we set out in the morning and soon came to the water park. No sign of a store, so I found some folks and asked them where the store was. They pointed and said “just over there!”

They were pointing across the loch. I suppose it was “near” the water park, but …

“You'll have to go back to the end of the loch, cross the swinging bridge and just up the road a bit.”

Sue volunteered to watch my pack while I set out for lunch. We knew there was no other food source between us and Fort Augustus, our final destination for the day.

On my way, I twice had the pleasure of watching the swinging bridge close to allow a boat through. Delayed my journey a bit, but ah, well. And, the store was more than “up the road a bit” away. If it had been closer, though, I would have missed the Maserati parade.

About an hour later, I returned with lunch.

I should have learned by now to ask more questions about directions.



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2 thoughts on “A wild store chase on the Great Glen Way

  1. We get this problem! Took us some time to figure out the same thing while walking in France. Had a few pathetic lunches before we got it down! What an adventure you two are having. We’re duly impressed and happy for you.


    • 2orangebags

      We appreciate your note, Pat. One can only go so many miles per meal, eh?


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