Life’s dance, one step at a time

Our new Ashland home is taking shape. The kitchen cabinets went from boxes to walls quickly. The countertops will take at least two weeks.

Meanwhile, the dining room serves as a flooring storage area and makeshift kitchen.

It has been microwave gourmet, but Sue remembered today that a camping stove arrived with our stuff from Mariposa last weekend. That and a new grill will help make meals a bit more interesting for the next month or so until the kitchen and flooring are completed.

Tonight, it was time to get away from the mess and take a picnic a few steps to downtown for another Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show. L.A.’s Versa-Style Dance Company wowed a lively audience with an energetic hip-hop performance.

Chocolate truffle ice cream was a perfect encore!


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3 thoughts on “Life’s dance, one step at a time

  1. Ellen

    First of all .. I love the cabinets. SO fresh and clean looking. I can remember when we remodeled the kitchen in Redwood City; Matt was probably 18 mos old. Tom totally masked off the kitchen (he gutted the original 1950’s cabinets, stove, sink, walls, etc.) and I prepared microwave meals and got pretty good at it 🙂 Enjoy your new home and we look forward to our next visit!


    • 2orangebags

      Thanks, Ellen. Wish you could come show your microwave expertise. We are not very creative with it.


  2. Collette LaRocque

    Your house is beautiful! Collette


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