Morgantown – it’s more than football

A trip east was long overdue for us. What a treat to pack in our roomy carry on suitcases rather than a 30 litre backpack! We landed in Pittsburgh last Friday and drove south to Morgantown, West Virginia where our son Chris lives with his girlfriend Gail. This is a big college football town, so we strategically planned our visit to coincide with a Mountaineers away game.

Dinner at Black Bear included live music provided by an acoustical guitarist. Reg got to see the statue of his longtime hero, and I found a tree dressed to keep warm this winter.

Chris set us up with a room at The Lakeview Resort, a golf and events center where he works, and assured us that all would be quiet this time of year…however, the joint was hopping Friday night when we arrived. It seems that ” The Men of Las Vegas” we're putting on a show for 600+ screaming women (of all ages), decked out in heels and sequins and (probably) armed with fists full of dollar bills. Fortunately, not much kept us awake after traveling through Portland, Chicago and Pittsburgh airports on our journey.

We've had a great stay at The Lakeview Resort. Next time I might have trouble keeping Reg off the golf course.

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8 thoughts on “Morgantown – it’s more than football

  1. Ellen

    Looks liks u had a great time. I miss the fall colors on the east coast, however I think I’ll stay out west.


    • 2orangebags

      After landing in a snowy, 1 degree Denver yesterday on the way home, I have to agree Ellen. West coast is the place to be!


  2. Silva

    this trip sounds very fun.


    • 2orangebags

      Always fun to see the kids isn’t it Barbara. We had a great visit, but nice to be home.


  3. Lori Tierney

    Thanks for sharing. Love your posts. Glad you are so happy. Happy trails, Lori


  4. Jamey

    You skipped “The Men of Las Vegas?”!!!!
    Sounds like a great trip!


    • 2orangebags

      Well Jamey…I did give Chris heck for not getting tickets included in the price of the room. Ah well…maybe next time. We here they are headed back to Morgantown for Valentine’s Day.


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