Too much of “nothing” quickly becomes something



After nearly 600 miles driving across central Nevada and western Utah, we were ready for new terrain this afternoon. A drive west of Bryce Canyon brought some pleasant surprises. At last, we are in the Southwest and are excited about what the next couple of weeks will offer.









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6 thoughts on “Too much of “nothing” quickly becomes something

  1. Debbie Gudger

    I love your posts! We haven’t been in the southwest for way too long. Happy travels!

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  2. Malcolm & Barbara.

    Looks great


  3. 2orangebags

    Hello, Malcolm and Barbara! I will send you a photo of the first dinosaur we see…unless it gets me first.


  4. Leah

    Alas? I think you meant “At last” 🙂 I love Bryce- it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!


  5. 2orangebags

    Thanks for the fix, Leah. I think the news desk was asleep at the wheel. A correction has been printed. We go on a jeep tour of Canyon de Chelly in the morning. We went to Monuments Valley today.


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