Apache Nugget saves the day


The weather report called for high winds today and boy were they ever! We drove north from Santa Fe, cutting west on scenic Highway 96 towards Highway 550, which would take us into Colorado.

The gusts blew anything and everything that wasn't nailed down…including us. A veil of dust covered the landscape, creating a distant haze. Where would we have our picnic lunch?

At last a sign…the only welcome we'd come upon in miles and miles. We pulled in the parking lot and made ourselves at home, entertained by the comings and goings as we ate in our car. The Apache Nugget appears to serve as a welcome relief, not only for travelers but locals as well.


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2 thoughts on “Apache Nugget saves the day

  1. Jeannie O. Harsha

    Ahhhh! You’re in my childhood & young adult land! Jeff & I met at Navajo, I worked at Mesa Verde, college days in Durango, fun trips to Santa Fe….lovely country. Glad you’re enjoying it!


    • 2orangebags

      Two girlfriends and I spent a night here in Durango while on a road trip about 35 years ago. I’ve been telling Reg how much we liked it. We have two more nights here and so far it is not disappointing us. Peeked out the window this morning and the mountains are beautiful. Should be out taking photographs, taking advantage of morning light…instead I am waiting for Reg to serve me coffee. This is a vacation after all!


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