Buck Prairie outing ends season

Another day of sunshine provided us with a beautiful end to our disappointingly short snowshoe season.  Unusually cold winter temperatures and my poorly timed broken wrist caused a late start this year.  Never mind…our trek today along the Natasha’s Web loop trail at Buck Prairie Winter Recreation Area was well worth the wait.  The trail and clear skies rewarded us with an amazing distant view of 9,495 foot Mount McLoughlin as we headed uphill.

With springtime just around the corner, it’s time for carryoncouple to shift it’s focus.  Next week, we’ll hitch up the trailer (actually, Reg will hitch it up…I supervise) and head first south, then east as we put our love of the “RV way of life” to the test…stay tuned! 

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12 thoughts on “Buck Prairie outing ends season

  1. Jamey

    What beautiful scenery! You broke your wrist? Egads!! So, the winding road beckons? Looking forward to the updates!


    • Ugh…yes, I broke it in January…a souvenir from a Portland visit with Andrew and Leah. As I recall, you can probably relate 😦


  2. Kathy Chappell

    So excited to follow your upcoming adventure across the US. Please post lots of pictures and have a terrific trip.


  3. Jackie Bachman

    I miss seeing you two! Have fun on the road with the RV!

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Ellen

    I’m looking forward to following this “RV adventure” of yours. I hope it’s not a “Ricky & Lucy” episode! Safe travels .. remember, it’s not the destination but the journey! Tell me how that works for you Lol!


  5. Cynthia Elliott

    Broken wrist? Sky diving or bronco busting?


    • I sure wish I had a better story! Just a stupid slip and fall on ice in Portland. Are you and Chris coming to Ashland this summer???


  6. Debbie Gudger

    When are you pulling out? Have a spectacular adventure and keep posting so we can follow along. We’ll miss you! Deb



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