Backroads Across America: Views from Sedona



During two days in the Sedona, Arizona area, we have enjoyed stunning scenery and great weather. A bit warm (low 80s) for March, but we are not complaining.

After an early morning look at Bell Rock (top photo), we grabbed a coveted parking spot at Cathedral Rock for a steep scramble. Two photos show a ledge on the back side at the end of the trail. Reg on the ledge was not a happy site for Sue. It was bottoms down for most on the decline as hikers seemed to prefer sliding to slipping and falling.

As for Sedona, the town, we give it a thumbs down. It feels like an upscale resort. We expected a more rustic atmosphere.




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10 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Views from Sedona

  1. I am looking forward to 80° weather. Beautiful scenery.


  2. Thanks for commenting…yes, 80 is nice, especially afterr a touh winter. Happy adventures!


  3. Debbie Gudger

    What is Reg doing out there on the ledge??!!! Reg! Stop that!


  4. Jackie Bachman

    Love the pic of Reg on the ledge!

    Sent from my iPad



    • Deborah Gudger

      Ha! Don’t encourage him, I’m not sure Sue wants to drive the rig if he breaks something! ;D


  5. Sue, great photography!


  6. Thanks for thiss blog post

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