Backroads Across America: Where to Park the RV?



So, where do you want to park your RV? Nearly two weeks into our cross-country adventure, our feelings about this question have evolved.

Last year, when we first got our wee trailer, Oregon State Parks were perfect. Lots of space, privacy and beautiful scenery. We thought we would stay in these kind of parks on this trip, and we still may do that. But, much of the time, they require planning and booking. That is not what this adventure is about.

So, what do we look for on this trip? Convenience, amenities, dependable facilities, and location come to mind. So, we chose a concrete pad in Las Vegas (shown above), a short walk to the Strip. And the KOA in Tucson, which allowed us to visit with Reg’s college friend. It also had a pool, a great way to unwind after a day in the truck! See the photos above for the Tucson pool, plus a shot of the covered area, with a solar panel roof. Also, in the photo at bottom right, our site offered a patio with table and chairs.

Tonight, we are at another KOA in San Angelo, Texas (top photo) on our way to the Hill Country. We have also stayed at several Good Sam parks. We don’t spend much time at any campground. We have stayed more than one night several times, but are out exploring during the day.

Like our son Andrew pointed out about good coffee, sometimes you just want something dependable when convenience matters. So, you grab a Starbucks when there might have been better coffee a few blocks away. We  are happy with the chain RV parks so far. We know what to expect.

As for the rest of the trip? Who knows?

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4 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Where to Park the RV?

  1. Kathy Chappell

    Yep,”touch and goes” are what we call the campsites where you just pull in, sleep, and go. It really doesn’t matter where you are-you just need a safe place to sleep in your cozy little home after a fun day of adventures. We are loving your pictures-thanks!


  2. I like that term, Kathy! Nice to have you along for another adventure.


  3. Bonnie

    Enjoying your adventures! How long is your trailer?


  4. Hi Bonnie!
    Always great to hear from you. We did not get to see the bats at Carlsbad…that doesn’t start until May. It sounds amazing, though. Our trailer is 21 feet, including the hitch. It is small, but has a walkaround queen bed in front and full bath in back. Big fridge and a slideout couch. It is comfy and light enough so we can pull it with a Tacoma, which does fine at 60. I am not sure I want to go faster anyway.
    We are heading to Louisiana in the morning, with thunderstorms expected.
    Hi to Mike.
    Reg and Sue


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