Backroads Across America: A Taste of Our Country




Until Thursday, northwest Indiana was not on our itinerary. A fortuitous detour delivered us here and today was one of the most rewarding days of our journey, now in its seventh week.

“This feels like America,” we concluded several times. Rolling hills with farm after farm, neatly kept. White farm houses, porches screaming for an afternoon nap. A simple, but hard-working life.

We criss-crossed the Heritage Trail in Amish country. Indiana is home to more than 50,000 Amish, putting it close behind Pennsylvania and Ohio in Amish population. Horse-drawn buggies speedily clipped-clopped everywhere. Several pulled into a farm where many bicycles and no cars were parked. Many in traditional Amish dress milled about. Children ran and played. “A wedding?” Sue wondered.

We had a delicious lunch at an Amish restaurant, then watched a woman hold one of her many grandchildren while working at her loom, weaving rugs. All made out of fabric from recreational vehicles, she told us.

We walked around neighborhoods in Goshen that were lined with huge trees and century-plus-old homes. A dome topped the town’s original courthouse. An Amish buggy traveled down the main street. We perused an old bag factory now filled with shops and a cafe.

A wonderful day in the neighborhood!




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8 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: A Taste of Our Country

  1. Jackie Bachman

    Several of Jim’s relatives are Mennonite from Pennsylvania. We visited their farm about 37 years ago. Many Amish in that area also. Very quaint and very hardworking people!

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  2. ellen

    You have really seen and experienced the country. So very cool!


  3. ken gudger

    The Amish always seem to live in the question: “to technology or not to technology?” I’ll never forget when Debbie and I bought a quilt in an Amish house. No electricity on the entire farm, except to run the modern cash register/computer. Beautiful country.


  4. Right…Most of us would miss the technology in a big way, but there is something attractive about the simplicity of this lifestyle.


  5. The best surprises often occur on the unplanned routes. Love the tractor photo. Clean and simple.


  6. Thank you!


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