Backroads Across America: Surprise! Here’s Yellowstone!


“It has to be one of the best RV parks ever! We have been staying there every summer for years.”

My ears were tuned in as I sipped a glass of wine a couple of days ago at our RV home near Little Bighorn Battlefield in southwestern Montana. I overheard a full-time RVer tell a neighbor about a five-star resort near Yellowstone National Park.

So, after a little investigative work, here we are, at the Yellowstone’s Edge, our trailer  perched next to the fast-moving Yellowstone River. It is one of the best places we have stayed on our journey, now in its ninth week. And, like many of the best parts of this adventure, it was unplanned.

We just finished a fabulous day in Yellowstone. There were bison, bear, elk, pronghorn. Brilliant skies, temperatures in the 70s, and the scenery wasn’t bad either.


We started at Mammoth Hot Springs, near the north entrance to the park and about 30 miles south of our campground.

Lamar Valley, considered the place to go for wildlife viewing, was next. On the way, we hiked to a waterfall and saw another next to a pullout. By that time, a tailgate lunch was on the day’s menu.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe later ordered bear and bison, and there they were!

On our return drive, the leader of a bison herd carefully stopped traffic, including the UPS truck, so the moms and calves could cross the road. None of us tested his resolve.

Bear paparazzi? Yep, they were camped out, watching several bear who were enjoying the afternoon high up a tree. Park rangers struggled to keep traffic moving and direct curious pedestrians off the highway.

Later, it was time for one more bear. A stop for coffee, then back to our wee trailer.

After a brief rain shower and refreshing showers in our home, the sun is out again as we sip our happy hour wine. What’s next? I am listening!


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6 thoughts on “Backroads Across America: Surprise! Here’s Yellowstone!

  1. James Ruston

    What’s next? Drive south through the Tetons and on to Green River, where I was born. It will be the highlight of your trip. Like Trump says, believe me.


  2. As much as I would love to “pick up a flat rock and skip it across Green River,” as Creedence sang, we are heading northwest. But, if we get lost, we will “come on home to Green River!?” Meet us there!?


  3. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    We got to see Yellowstone in the winter in Feb. So beautiful! Went on a Road Scholar trip and cross country skied, snowmobiled, snowshoed and saw oodles of wildlife without hardly any people. Your trip is fabulous!!


    • Reg wants to do a snowmobile trip in Yellowstone sometime. Brr! Thanks for following along with us!


      • Lori Oliver-Tierney

        It really isn’t that cold. Companies provide a guide and a really warm suit. I actually wrecked our two person snowmobile when I was driving but luckily Smiley and the snow were forgiving. We snowmobiled from West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and it was truly my favorite thing to do. You would love it. Happy trails, Lori


  4. Jackie Bachman

    Love Yellowstone!

    Sent from my iPad



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