Monterey Getaway

We packed our bags, loaded our bikes and made a quick getaway Tuesday morning, escaping the smoke filled Oregon skies and daily thumping overhead as the new roof project continues back home. Our destination? Monterey, California where the only things cooler than coastal temps are competing restaurant signs.

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12 thoughts on “Monterey Getaway

  1. Pam Thomas

    You were so smart to leave. The last two days have brought in so much smoke that OSF cancelled outdoor performances. Enjoy the cool, clean air and the competing restaurant signs. What a great blog!


  2. Jackie Bachman

    Love Monterey and Pacific Grove!

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  3. Kathy Chappell

    Wish we were with you-so smokey here in Mariposa too.


  4. Phil Gagnon

    Excellent idea. Having just returned from a week’s drive along our coast and another week cycling along the Columbia River, I’d be inclined to follow your lead. Love the Monterrey area.


  5. Jeff Roberts

    Great idea. The weekend and Monday have unhealthy levels of smoke in the forecast. So many nice places to ride – our favorite routes are Marina SB to Monterey, around 17-mile Drive, Pacific Grove, Pt. Lobos.


  6. Did you get a chance to wander around the Monterey Bay Aquarium?


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