The Way of St. Francis: Umbria’s mountains





We sit safely within the medieval wall surrounding Città di Castello this Tuesday night, exhausted but feeling a dose of exhilaration. Our boots carried us up and down nearly 6,000 feet of elevation change on country roads, through countless small farms, and under dense forests.

Heat and humidity added to the challenge, but Umbria’s natural beauty had its shining moments. Sue sat next to a field and doctored a blister while a farmer readied his field for spring planting. Our steep midday descent brought us to a tiny village bar for an energizing lunch. But the Way of St. Francis had plans for our afternoon, guiding our aching legs and feet up to yet another mountain ridge, then down again hours later.

After crossing the Tiber River, we found an oasis in the form of a beautiful old hotel and soothing showers. We soon filled two seats outside a bar where we watched Italian life in this city of 40,000. We lifted our cold drinks and toasted our day. The hardest days can sometimes be the best.


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12 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: Umbria’s mountains

  1. Lan

    Wow keep on going. Arrivederci!


  2. Ken Gudger

    Reg and Sue: 6,000 feet of ups and downs. Wow! I’m proud of you two. You earned that cool one. I think I’ll go drink a Torpedo in your honor. Stay safe. Ken


  3. Malcolm & Barbara

    It just looks so idyllic. We are enjoying your blog.


  4. Jackie Bachman

    I can taste that cold drink!

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    I follow you in my heart and send good thoughts and prayers for your safe and happy travels. Happy trails, Lori Great job you two


  6. Kathy Chappell

    Scenery looks amazing, but your strength amazes us even more. Way to go, go, go!


  7. Appreciate your encouragement, Kathy and Doug. We climbed a bit more today, bit it didn’t seem quite as hard. It is so beautiful here!


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