The Way of St. Francis: The End is Near


Reg blazed another trail through the tall grass and thistle today, our last day of walking through the countryside.  Tomorrow we’ll aim our boots towards Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City, a ten mile walk that will officially complete our journey.

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8 thoughts on “The Way of St. Francis: The End is Near

  1. Carole & Beaton

    Special best wishes for your final day! I hope the Pope has a cake for you!


  2. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Such a journey. I love Rome. What a culture shock it will be for you but seeing the Sistine Chapel will be forever etched in my mind and heart. I also got to see the pope and this pope is one of my favorites. Happy trails, Lori


  3. Lan

    Yah. Are you ready Boots. Have a bottle of wine when you reach St. Peter square on us . Cheers


  4. Elaine Shanafelt

    No doubt a bittersweet moment and a bit unsettling to leave the rural paths and find yourself in a busy city. Congratulations on your accomplishment!


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