Coos Bay Waterfront Surprises

After pocketing my winnings from the casino we continued north on Highway 101 to the Coos Bay waterfront. A pair tall ships were dockside, drawing eager crowds who held tickets, ready to set sail for adventure. Everyone and everything was enjoying the sun, including this seagull perched atop a cluster of old wharf posts.We took a chance on a little seafood shack located down on the docks, figuring their fish and chips were worth a try. We were not disappointed! Not only was it “the best fish and chips on the Oregon Coast,” (according to the owner…and he was right!) but my casino winnings covered the cost! Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch!?

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5 thoughts on “Coos Bay Waterfront Surprises

  1. Great shot of the square rigger. It looks like it was a beautiful day in Coos Bay. Thank you for sharing, Joe

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  2. Jackie Bachman

    Love Coos Bay! Glad you are in the fresh air…we’re choking in smoke in Ashland this AM With our kids arriving tonight for a family reunion….

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  3. Kathy Chappell

    We are still lost in smoke here in Mariposa too. So glad you are enjoying clean air. Many have left here but we are painting, of course!!!! The end of house building is in sight though.


    • We’ve been living with wind on the coast. Campfires were banned last night and we felt like we might blow away. Glad we weren’t in a tent!
      Exciting about the house. Post photos!


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