Crater Lake’s Garfield Peak

The rocking chairs on the back deck of the Crater Lake Lodge overlook the lake and provide an excellent spot to sip a beverage.

Garfield Peak was our destination today. There it is, looming in the distance behind the Crater Lake Lodge where we picked up the trailhead. The lodge sits at an elevation of 7,100 feet, that’s 1,000 feet above the surface of the lake and 1,000 feet below our goal.

As we unexpectedly huffed and puffed our way up, we finally had to accept that the altitude was getting the better of us. Refusing to admit defeat, we stopped for a short rest and devoured half of the lunch Reg packed. That seemed to do the trick as we reached the top without further incident.

The clouds are a nice contrast the the incredible blues of the sky and water.

After finishing what remained of our lunch, we headed back down the trail. The views were astounding!

When walking back down the trail, it’s always a surprise to see the views that remained hidden behind on the uphill climb.
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9 thoughts on “Crater Lake’s Garfield Peak

  1. Jackie Bachman

    Stunning photos of Crater Lake! I feel like I was there with you…without having to make that steep climb! Thank you!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! That altitude can really get to a person but getting to the top is so worth it!!


  3. Kathy Chappell

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. You two are amazing-that looks like quite a climb!

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  4. Jamey

    Pretty, pretty colors and views!!! You earned your beverages!!!!

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  5. Hi Reg and Sue-I thought you were at the coast! This looks like a great if challenging hike, and I wonder if its a way to beat the crowds at Crater Lake. Do you recommend it? I’m considering it for Friday when we’re in Ashland and have the day free. Bet it would be good training for our upcoming Dolomites trip.


    • Hi Pat, We’re leaving tomorrow for Humbug Mountain State Park for three nights, then down to Harris Beach for another four. Crater Lake is always a good option for a day trip. The Garfield Peak Hike is a 3.4 mile round trip, so while it’s a thousand foot climb, it’s short. The altitude did slow us in the beginning. The views are amazing. I didn’t realize you were taking a trip to the Dolomites…what an adventure!


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