South West Coast Path: So Many Stairs

Sue climbs a flight of the 30,000 stairs on England’s South West Coast Path. No, I did not add a zero. But I am adding as we walk. So far, 2,159 stairs in five days, 64 miles, and 13,200 feet of ascent.

But this is not a story best told by the numbers.

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6 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: So Many Stairs

  1. Kenneth Gudger

    That’s one heck of a lot of stairs … but a beautiful photo. We’re thinking about you two

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  2. Good going! I wonder if it is actually better in the cooler weather or if the dampness adds to the trudgery. At any rate, nothing that a hot cup of tea won’t help eh?


  3. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    You guys are amazing. My knees couldn’t handle it. Happy trails

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  4. How many stairs and what a beautiful view !


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