South West Coast Path: Time for a Checkup

We stumbled upon a bench and a view for our picnic lunch Tuesday.
GPS map shows our location with an arrow on the blue trail.

The weather? Tuesday was brilliant, our third such day. Two days of rain, others were overcast, sometimes drippy.

Forest or pasture? We left the forest behind at midday Tuesday and had wide-open views of pastures, farms, cliffs, the ocean. Forest walking is not our cup of tea…climbing on a drippy forest trail is not much fun. The same climb out in the open seems so much easier.

Language? Everyone so far speaks English, making for fun conversations over breakfast, in the pubs, or on the trail. No sign language required.

Laundromats? Are you kidding? We wash, rinse, squeeze in a towel, and hang our moisture-wicking clothes. One B&B host offered to do our laundry, though! Perhaps she was hoping to get rid if the odor.

Speedy? As usual, Sue zips up the hills and I struggle to keep up. But we agree steep uphill is less worrisome than steep downhills, where one slip-up can be disastrous.

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5 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: Time for a Checkup

  1. Jamey

    I loved this comprehensive post! You really put the entire trip into a Very comprehensible “ picture”! I am continuing to be amazed by the Extreme Rigor of this “ path”, you two show such flexibility as challenges and the unexpected events pop up! Keep the posts coming! And the pictures!!💕‼️

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  2. Malcolm Robertson

    Hi again Reg & Sue. That is a great summary of your experiences.

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  3. jasonlikestotravel

    It was possibly “toad in the hole” or “sausage toad” you had as that’s generally a yorkshire/sausage based combination. Depends how you had it though.

    Anyway, sounds like you’re having a great trip! 🙂

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