South West Coast Path: A Walk Through History

The morning after our arrival at Land’s End presented a sunnier picture of this iconic landmark.

Our soggy, arrival at Land’s End will forever be imprinted on our memories, a goal we worked extremely hard for some days. However, our last day of walking was filled with visions of the historic remains of the region’s tin mining industry. Fortunately, the rain caused me to pack my good camera deep inside my pack, or I’d probably still be out on the bluffs snapping photos.

The BBC series Poldark films on location along this stretch of coast.

Much like the Doc Martin series put the little village of Port Issac on the map, the BBC series Poldark brings the world to the Pendeen Coast, where the Geevor Tin Mine (closed in 1990) remains open as a tourist attraction.

As we walked out of Pendeen, we were surprised by the number of crumbling remains of a once thriving mining industry. While it all seems very romantic now, history tells a different story of the dangers that lurked underground.

The coast path meandered past a number of remains. We couldn’t help but take a closer look.
Other scenes were best viewed from afar.
Eventually, the path required our full attention.
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9 thoughts on “South West Coast Path: A Walk Through History

  1. Nice photos! Beautiful coastline and bluffs

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  2. Jeannie

    Wow, what an adventure! Challenging, lovely, fascinating…and much more, I’m sure! You look refreshed! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures🙏🏼

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  3. Cynthia Elliott

    Danger indeed! Scenic but frightening!

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  4. Malcolm Robertson

    Great. WE have enjoyed following you on your journey.


  5. It’s a stunning coastline but full of danger with old mine shafts and crumbling cliffs. Looks great but you always need to watch you step don’t you? Glad you made it after that epic walk, great achievement.

    Liked by 1 person

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