Prior Park Landscape Garden

The Palladian Bridge represents historic elegance.

Wandering beyond the city walls of Bath we discovered the beautiful Prior Park Landscape Garden. Originally designed in the 1700s, the garden spills down a hillside below the Prior Park Mansion (now a private school). Meandering paths lead through woodlands and around lakes.

On a clear day one can take in stunning views of Bath far below. Weather was not so kind to us.

Restoration work is ongoing in an effort to return the garden to it’s original glory.
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8 thoughts on “Prior Park Landscape Garden

  1. Looks like the setting of a Jane Austen novel!

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  2. Jackie Bachman

    So beautiful! Even in not perfect weather…

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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  3. You guys have truly seen this part of England in the weather that it is famous for. Lucky you, eh? You do get the good sports award!

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  4. Beautiful views of a classic place. So much to see and do all around Bath. Glad you’re enjoying it all.

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  5. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Love Bath. You guys have had a wonderful trip. Good weather is dependent on point of view. Happy trails

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