Back in Bend, Oregon

Our last minute plan to squeeze one more trip out of camping season landed us at this Glamp-Site in Bend, Oregon.

Friends Lan and Jeff stayed here (The Crown Villa RV Park) last month and provided good reviews, so we knew we’d be comfortable on our last outing of the season. Beggars can’t be choosers – especially when looking for 3 nights just one day in advance. This is a very nice RV park located inside the Bend city limits. We feel quite spoiled and are hardly roughing it.

We did get some good hiking in, so in spite of our pristine site, we managed get a little dusty. Shevlin Park was crowded on Sunday afternoon, but we found the last open parking spot and settled on a loop trail that took us on a 5-mile walk through the park canyon.

It was a nice warmup for the hike we did the following day. The 6-mile Matthieu Lakes loop trail is located off the beaten path outside of Sisters, Oregon.

Our destination was North Matthieu Lake (above) which was just shy of the turnaround point of our 6-mile hike.
We first walked through acres of burned forest. There is very little regrowth from the 2017 Milli Fire.

We passed several small ponds along the way. Although we were in shirtsleeves today, one pond was edged with ice, evidence of how low the nighttime temperatures drop this time of year.

Our first glimpse of North Matthieu Lake.

Following the trail around the lake, we found the perfect lunch spot.

We continued on to South Matthieu Lake, a smaller lake but every bit as pretty. This is where we intersected with the Pacific Crest Trail, turning back along the iconic path and returning to the trailhead.

Our return trip took us up high with views of ancient lava flows, a view of Mt. Washington, a bird’s eye view of our lunch spot and back through sections of fire damage. All in all, a great hike and a good end to camping season!

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8 thoughts on “Back in Bend, Oregon

  1. Beautiful post and pictures! I look forward to visiting that area in my future.

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  2. Jackie Bachman

    Excellent hike! Fun to see more of the Bend area. Welcome home!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122


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  3. One of our favorite hikes (especially pre-fire)- and S Matthieu is a heavenly swim! glad you are still getting out there.

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  4. Silva

    Look at the brick for the pad, not bad. Did that cute little table and chairs come with it? Not your usual picnic table. Had dinner with Dana Oster tonight. She said Reg was her favorite teacher for her challenged son Eric. Blast from the past. Mike sold his motorhome in 20 minutes. Put it on Craigs List and had abut 6 calls immediately. First guy called within 20 minutes and bought it. 15,000 dollars in cash, of all things. Obviously high demand.

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    • Yes, the bricks made backing in straight much easier and kept everything cleaner! Each site had the table/chair set…nice touch. Trailer now closed up for the winter. A dusting of snow this morning on the mountain tops across the way.


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