Travels With Minnie: Colorado – Durango to Alamosa

A rare photo of the two of us. Many thanks to Rich.

Three days in Durango, Colorado allowed us to experience a range of weather conditions. Cold nights, windy days, a brief bit of snow while we picnicked and finally, a beautiful spring day.
The high point (literally) of our stay was the hike we took up The Animas Mountain Trail with college friends Emily and Rich. A great day and a long overdue visit!

Sunday morning Durango faded in the distance as we drove east, aiming for the highest mountain pass of our trip…so far. Today was new territory for us and the scenery did not disappoint.

Treasure Falls cascades 105 feet into Falls Creek and is visible from Highway 160. We pulled off for a quick photo, opting not to make the short walk up to the base.

We’ve got Minnie back on level ground for the next two nights, parked in the little town of Alamosa, gateway to Great Sand Dunes National Park. More adventures to come.

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7 thoughts on “Travels With Minnie: Colorado – Durango to Alamosa

  1. Carole & Beaton

    Great to see a photo of the two of you!
    Have a great trip and stay safe. C&B xx


    • Thanks Carole and Beaton…we’ve had our vaccines and will continue to avoiding crowds and indoor things. Planning to reach West Virginia for a visit with Chris and Gail.


  2. Jeannie Harsha

    Dang! I have a brother in Durango (of James Ranch fame), my sis lives near the Sand Dunes ( her hubby taught writing at the college in Alamosa) and Jason may be visiting them to do night photography in the Sand Dunes! So many familiar, well-loved landscapes you are describing 😊 Oh, and I grew up just off of Hwy 160 west of Durango! I’m so glad you enjoyed that gorgeous area!


    • In my next life I’m going to live on a ranch somewhere between Durango and Pagosa Springs…and learn to ride a horse! What a beautiful drive that was! Glad you’re enjoying 💕


  3. Jackie Bachman

    Love the photo of you two! Jim says to tell you that his dad used to own half of Wolf Creek Ranch back in the day…we spent time there when we were newlyweds over 40 years ago.

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122



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