Travels With Minnie: Drifting Across the Country

It’s been just over four weeks since we hitched up Minnie and towed her east. With no set plan, other than to eventually reach West Virginia for a visit with (son) Chris and Gail, we weren’t sure what route we’d choose.

For some folks, traveling without a set itinerary is the stuff nightmares are made of. Understandable…we’ve had our challenges, for sure. For us, the rewards and discoveries far outweigh the negatives. Yesterday we pulled into this roadside RV park in Wisconsin for two nights, primarily to take advantage of their full hookups and laundry room.

The park is nothing fancy but we have lots of space and it’s quiet.

As we turned off the highway, I noticed a sign across the road for Copper Falls State Park. With a day to fill, we packed a lunch, took a chance and discovered (what must be) one of Wisconsin’s most beautiful parks. Created in 1929, many Civilian Conservation Corp buildings remain, adding charm and a sense of history.

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9 thoughts on “Travels With Minnie: Drifting Across the Country

  1. Jackie Bachman

    So glad you get to see your kids! Beautiful falls!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122



  2. My kind of traveling. Explore as you go to a final destination with little to no time constraints. And what more do you need besides nature, space, and quiet.


  3. Kathy

    Another beautiful area-its going on our list!


  4. Jamey

    What a lovely discovery!!! Your photos are super! I love reading your posts as you travel with your Minnie!!! How long before you get to sweat Virginia?? It will be a wonderful visit with Chris and Gail!!!!


    • Yes, looking forward to big hugs! This is a beautiful part of the country. So many pretty farms with incredible barns! We are due in WV in a little over a week.


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