Pacific Crest Trail – Wildflowers Galore

We put our hiking legs to the test Sunday morning and drove up to Mount Ashland where we picked up a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. Southern Oregon has been experiencing hazy skies due to multiple fires burning in the area and in Northern California, but at the 6,300 foot elevation level the sky above us was clear and blue…and spring was in full bloom. Wildflowers of every size, shape and color decorated the hillside, some just past their prime while others were at their peak.

They say it’s good to stop and smell the roses…or, in this case, whatever flower is right under your nose.
California’s Mount Shasta was barely visible through the haze of smoke. A recent heatwave stripped much of the snow that normally remains through the summer months.

Hiking south, the trail wound up through open meadows to switchbacks and along a ridge line that offered 360 degree views. The occasional northbound hiker passed us, always with a smile and a nod, still cheerful after hundreds of miles traveled and with hundreds of miles to go. A large group was gathered about the drink-filled ice chest left trailside by a compassionate trail angel. The guestbook was filled with a colorful list of the trail names and dates of trekkers who had previously enjoyed a respite.

Just over 5 miles in and after thousand feet of climbing, the trail took a downhill turn, plunging into a thick forest with no end in sight. Deciding that we’d had enough, we turned and retraced out steps back out to the car, thankful that we didn’t have to search for a tent site for the night.

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7 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail – Wildflowers Galore

  1. Elaine

    Thanks for photos of one of our favorite places to hike, as we probably won’t get there this year. Flowers came early – it used to be 1st week of August for their prime. Glad to see you’re getting out to enjoy the beauty of the area.


    • We were so surprised by the flowers and thought that they must have been very late bloomers. Good to know that we can, in the future, enjoy “spring” in the middle of summer up at Mt. Ashland!


  2. Lori OliverTierney

    Thanks for sharing. I am going to go on a short hike to May Lake tomorrow on my new replaced knee. I am excited. Happy trails

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    • Best wishes for your maiden hike with the new knee. I’m excited for you. Enjoy the day!
      So…Reg and I are heading out on an adventure in August. We signed on to hike the John Muir Trail with the Rock Creek Pack Station…Mules will do the heavier transport, so somewhat easier than doing it on our own, but 30 days of tent, sleeping bags and squatting in the forest. 😮. Memories to be made. Wish us luck!


  3. So pretty!!! The pct looks amazing and those flowers are gorgeous!!

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  4. Great pics! Brings me back

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