John Muir Trail: Rocky Roads

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While walking the John Muir Trail is a major accomplishment for even the most experienced of hikers, the creation and ongoing maintenance of the path are the true achievements. It is certainly no stroll through the park! Every day presented unexpected challenges for us along rough and rocky trails, testing our feet, ankles and knees. How do hikers do it without trekking poles?

Rocks weren’t always our adversaries. Often they provided a spot to rest our weary feet…in preparation for the challenges ahead.
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One thought on “John Muir Trail: Rocky Roads

  1. Lori OliverTierney

    The way people do it without hiking poles is they are young or in my estimation foolish. Take it from a woman who has had 2 knee replacements. Both my sons got hiking poles from me for their 35th birthdays with cautionary tales. I hope they use them. My poles were an extension of me on the JMT. My best buddies. Got me places I could never had got to without them. My knees were pretty shot when I did that trail. I knew it was only a matter of time. I had abused them to the point I had to wear knee braces and were happy to have them. The rocks are hard and sturdy. You are right-they can be your friends. I learned that all of nature had a place and I was honored to be a part of it. The JMT will be there long after me and I was so grateful to be allowed a time to visit. Thanks for the memories. I’m so glad you got to see what I meant. You my friends and I too got to experience the range of light and it makes my heart glow.

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