No More Checked Luggage!

It was just last year, upon returning from a two week trip to Scotland with our good friends Doug and Kathy that Reg vowed, “No more checked luggage!” Having left Edinburgh bright and early, we landed at the Newark airport amidst renovations, airline mergers and general chaos. Worried, because our friends were having trouble securing seat assignments for the last leg of our flight, we nervously paced around the luggage carousel, watching the clock and awaiting our baggage.

Sue and Reg with Kathy and Doug in Edinburgh

Once in hand we quickly headed for the line leading to the domestic terminals. This was where we were asked if we had any food to declare. Honest to a fault, Reg announced he had half a bag of digestive biscuits and we were immediately routed to another line set up for agriculture inspection. “Why didn't we just eat them?” I wondered as Doug and Kathy vanished from sight…

In the end, we passed inspection, managed to find our friends, get their seat assignments and we all made it home safely. So, was it the checked luggage or the love of digestive biscuits that led us to this obsession with traveling light? I'm not sure, but I do know that on our next trip, we will not be “trying to smuggle” food back home!


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