So Many Restaurants; Only One Week!

Just after I snapped this photo, the hostess came up behind me and asked to collect 5 Euros for the photo...I think she was kidding...I didn't pay her!



It's surprising, with so many tourists in central Rome, that the competition for diners is so fierce. Nearly all eating establishments have a host or hostess stationed out front beside an oversized menu, greeting all who stroll by. Enticing hungry travelers is as much a game as it is a business. Fresh mushrooms (funghi freschi) appear to be a source of great pride as elaborate street front displays showcase the day's selection.


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4 thoughts on “So Many Restaurants; Only One Week!

  1. A very delicious picture indeed, great capture. And unfortunately all people these days tries to collect money in whatever way they can. Personally I boycott all churches and tourist attractions that charges for snapping a few pictures.


  2. Cynthia And Chris

    This business of paying to take photos is new but prevalent. Last summer when I was in Santa Fe, many shops and museums were posted with the price to take photos. Also, in a recent visit to Cambria, I asked if I could take a photo and was told promptly NO!


  3. Robert

    Super sized Mushrooms,, ! Doubt She was kidding Reg.. I took videos of beautiful music boxes in a little Swiss store in Meiringen, and suddenly the owner was yelling at me threatening to call the Polizei. I calmed him down and bought a souvenier… was also yelled at in Kowloon, China, in the 60’s.


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