Who Holds The Key To This Roman Mystery?

I couldn't help but wonder about the significance of these locks found on a lamppost.



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Splashes of Color










Living where we do (in the Sierra at an elevation of 3200') gardening is often a fight against nature. Deer, squirrels, rabbits and lately raccoons, have all helped themselves to various plants, shrubs and most recently, chunks of our lawn. Because it's rare for our flowers to last more than a day or two before wildlife makes a meal of them, I was pleased to see a few flowers to be enjoyed in and around Rome.




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So Many Restaurants; Only One Week!

Just after I snapped this photo, the hostess came up behind me and asked to collect 5 Euros for the photo...I think she was kidding...I didn't pay her!



It's surprising, with so many tourists in central Rome, that the competition for diners is so fierce. Nearly all eating establishments have a host or hostess stationed out front beside an oversized menu, greeting all who stroll by. Enticing hungry travelers is as much a game as it is a business. Fresh mushrooms (funghi freschi) appear to be a source of great pride as elaborate street front displays showcase the day's selection.


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Keeping Life in Perspective











Standing among the massive ancient art and ruins we've seen in Rome is incredibly humbling. The sheer size and craftsmanship are hard to imagine. It makes us wonder, what will we leave for future generations?




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Gelato Fit For The Pope






We stumbled upon this historic landmark while searching for the Trevi Fountain. Several guide books reported that Pope John Paul II enjoyed this particular gelato, so we decided to give this heavenly treat a try. Be sure to ask for cream on top!


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