2018 is a record year for Carryoncouple


Carryoncouple thanks you for helping our blog travel to new territory in 2018. Our site has recorded nearly 5,300 views this year, surpassing our record from 2013, when we walked the Camino de Santiago. Your interest in our Way of St. Francis trek this spring exceeded all our other trips, including 181 in one day.

Since our kickoff in 2012, has recorded more than 25,000 views in 119 countries, led by the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Italy. We await someone in Antarctica to extend our reach to every continent.

What is our most popular post? It comes from our 2012 visit to Verona, Italy. Pictured above, our post about the Basilica di San Zeno still attracts views and has been seen nearly 700 times.

Here’s to Word Press, to nearly 400 followers, and to many more adventures!



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Happy New Year

As a New Year dawns, we wish our family, friends and followers a peaceful and happy 2018.

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Quit is not in this trekker’s vocabulary

What takes 13 pairs of shoes, 6,000 calories day, 252 days while losing 25 pounds?

Check this out.


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Pacific Crest Trail inspires day trekkers

A crisp, clear day welcomed our group to a trek along the Pacific Crest Trail southeast of Ashland.

The Pacific Crest Trail, within just three miles, presents views of Pilot Rock, top left, Mount McLoughlin, and Mount Shasta, bottom.

We were tempted to just keep going, but none of us had brought our sleeping bags!



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Word Press blogging is habit forming is a razor-thin part of the Word Press blogosphere of millions of blogs.

Regardless, Sue and I love writing bits and publishing photos from our travels and other post-work experiences. We enjoy hearing from family and friends via blog comments or “likes” during our trips. We also hear from people from all over the globe. It is a lot of fun and satisfies our publishing addiction from our newspaper days.

After two-and-a-half years, we have done about 200 posts and our blog has been viewed more than 11,200 times by people in nearly 100 countries. We have had more than 820 comments.

After a day on the trail, we often pour a glass of wine, look through our photos, and write a short narrative about the day. When we publish a post, we often hear a ping that indicates a “like” or comment has been registered. We love these, but the best part is the “publishing.”

The blogging world is like a humungous bookstore. People browse with no obligation. We are amazed at who finds our blog. We are honored that 190 people are “followers.” Admittedly, some are out to make money on their blogs by expanding their reach, but we are under no obligation either.

Thanks, everyone. And thanks to Word Press for providing a free platform that even we have figured out how to use (with some assists from our patient son Andrew).



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Inspiration, and perhaps a kick in the …

This list rang home more than any other we have seen recently.


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An ocean journey like no other

Here are two travelers on a trip of a lifetime.

Click on the link to watch a bit of their journey.

Thank you, Rebecca!

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Forge your own path to happiness


We must all take responsibility for the care and maintenance of our personal trail to happiness.

Happiness was a much discussed topic leading up to our recent move north. Leaving the life we knew to start over in a new city was exciting, but would we be happy?

While scrolling through the news the other day, I stumbled upon this article – Ten Things Happy People Understand.

Although I consider myself a happy person, (most of the time) I opened the article and started to read, curious to discover if I qualified as one of the “Happy People.”

Happiness, according to this article, will take a lot of work. But what in life that’s worth having ever comes easily? You may or may not agree with these ten points, but they certainly provide some food for thought. As for me, I’m reassured that we have a reasonably good shot of finding happiness here in Ashland.












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Appalachian Trail record setter has world at her feet

Jennifer Pharr Davis and her daughter pause for a photo with Reg.

After walking 12,000 miles on six continents, Jennifer Pharr Davis has her heart with Brew, her husband of six years, and their toddler daughter.

During her talk at the Ashland Library Wednesday, though, it was clear that part of her longed to be back on the trail.

In 2011, Jennifer hiked the 2,181-mile Appalachian Trail in a record 46 days. National Geographic named her Adventurer of the Year.

Her first trek was at the age of 21 and it was one of three times she has walked the entire Appalachian. It took her five months. She learned “it all starts with a single step.”

After the first walk, she said she longed to be back on the trail. “I missed how beautiful I felt on the trail…you can do so much more than you once thought was possible.”

Her message in Ashland: “Go outside! You grow so much through things that are not in your control.”

She is quick to credit her husband and many others for their support during her record-setting walk. They met her at the crossroads with food, clean clothes and other necessities. Her journey started in Maine and ended in Georgia. She endured shin splints, saw 36 bears and logged two 60-mile days.

She remembered one particularly painful day when she told Brew she was quitting. He told her to “suck it up” and give it at least one more day. It was an example, she says, of how you have to go backwards before you can go forward.

In ten years, her walks have included the Pacific Crest Trail, the 600-mile Bibblemun Track in Australia, the Inca Trail in Peru, Mount Kilimanjaro and the West Highland Way in Scotland. Only one continent, Antarctica, has escaped her feet and it is unlikely to change anytime soon. She says she cannot take the cold.

Her stop in Ashland came near the end of a 50-state speaking and book-signing tour that ends later this month in Las Vegas. She is the owner and founder of the Blue Ridge Hiking Company and lives in Asheville, N.C.

In Sue's and my copy of Called Again: A Story of Love and Triumph, her story about her record-setting walk, Jennifer wrote, “Keep going and travel light!”





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Shall we go for a walk?

Reg and I have asked this question of each other many times since we first met. Over the years we've walked miles and miles together. The arrival of our three boys didn't slow us down. We once bribed them, one chocolate M & M at a time, encouraging their little preschool legs to complete the 3.5-mile loop around the Wawona Meadow in Yosemite. It took us the better part of the day!

One of my favorite things about living in Ashland is being able to head out my front door and set foot in any direction. My walks have taken me uphill and down, through neighborhoods filled with beautiful homes and into downtown where restaurants and boutiques await. The fresh air and local beauty are my therapy.

It took determination to conquer the hills above Ashland, but the views are well worth the challenge.

Walking with my camera in hand made me see and appreciate the little things along the way.


The slow pace of walking allows one to appreciate the the simple things in life; things that might otherwise go unnoticed. And the best part is that it doesn't cost a thing! All you need is a pair of shoes, and you too can discover what treasures are hiding in your neighborhood. It will be fun…I promise!

The Hargadine Cemetery is tucked into the hillside of a residential neighborhood. It is named on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Sometimes there are lessons to learn from my wandering. I stumbled upon the Hargadine Cemetery one day as I was walking around a corner, downhill towards home. It was obviously a fascinating piece of history, so I couldn't resist wandering among the weathered headstones. After a little research I learned that Robert Hargadine was a local merchant and one of three original founders of this community once known as Ashland Mills. Sadly, his one-year-old daughter was the first to be buried on the wooded slope back in 1867.





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