Wishing You Happy Travels in 2020


Photo credit: Ian Spencer

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de St. Exupery

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10 thoughts on “Wishing You Happy Travels in 2020

  1. Jackie Bachman

    Happy New Year to you both!

    Jackie Bachman Board Member, Community Relations OHRA (760) 889-5122 Jackie.bachman53@gmail.com



  2. Malcolm Robertson

    Happy New Year. What are your travel adventure plans for 2020 ?


    • We have yet to decide where 2020 will take us. It’s tempting to do another European trek (while we still can) but there is also a great big beautiful country right here to explore…stay tuned!


  3. Frank Andersen

    I know u will have HAPPY TRAVELS in 2020🏃‍♂️👬🥾🧤🎩 May 2020 be as exciting and wonderful as 2019!

    Frank n Ade


  4. Wishing you two happy and safe travels.


  5. Lori Oliver-Tierney

    Happy trails. Happy travels. Happy 2020


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